Friday, 19 April 2013

Too Many Emotions!


So I don't even know if anyone reads this, but if you do, hi my name is Sophie, and I happen to be at TV addict.

I watch all kinds of shows, ranging from lovely family shows like Parenthood all the way to crazy murder shows like Criminal Minds. As much as I do love Parenthood (starring Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, she's friggen awesome), I do tend to lean towards the darker shows. I don't know why, but I just love them! A few of my favourites are Pretty Little Liars (let's be real, it's pretty darn dark), CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, Heroes, and my recent favourite, Supernatural.

I recently started watching Supernatural, and by recently I mean about a week ago, because 1) several of my friends raved about how good it was and 2) a whole bunch of the people I follow on tumblr posted about it, and it looked like something I would enjoy. 

Now, as I said, I started watching about a week or week-and-a-half ago, and I've just finished Season 2 of 8. And let me tell you...after only two seasons, heck, after maybe 2 episodes, I developed an emotional attachment to the characters, Sam in particular (if you don't watch Supernatural, Sam's the giant on the left.)

Let me tell you about Sam Winchester. Sam is the younger of the two brothers. His mom died when he was only 6 months old, he lost his girlfriend of two years, and he's seen way more death than a normal person should. Yet he, in no way, is desensitized.  Sam sees so much death, and battles so many demons and spirits, but when the time comes for him to pull the trigger, he can't. Sam sees underneath the demons, and he sees that there is a real person being trapped, and even if it means the demon escaping, he can't bring himself to kill the person. And that just makes me love him so much more.

Sam is also quite sensitive. He has so much love in his heart, and so much pain, that of course he's going to break down and cry. And I respect him so much for it. Not many guys can cry -- I mean...there's that saying - "real men don't cry" or whatever - but honestly...I think that's bull -- but Sam can still step up to be a man and save people from evil, and still have emotions. And let's be real here, whenever I see Sam crying, it makes me want to kiss him three times as much as when he's not. Just saying ;) Let's show Sam crying and we can all just stare at him and love him.

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS. This is from Season 2, Episode 17, if anyone wants to die of feels. Don't watch it or else you'll never laugh again just kidding not really. 

Anyways. Season 2 in particular was just a whirlwind of emotions and feels, and I cried a lot more than I care to admit. But I guess I just did...our secret! I, for one, can not wait for Season 3!

That's my rant on Sam Winchester and the wonder that is Supernatural.

xoxo Sophie

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