Monday, 18 March 2013


So this is my first ever blog post...and I've gotta say it's a little scary writing this! I've never been a writer, so don't expect this to be "English Major Quality".

To start off, my name is Sophie, and I'm 18 years old. I have very thick, curly brown hair, and I have only just learned to accept it, since it's not going anywhere! I play violin, and some guitar, and I sing!
this is me playing guitar hurray!

I live in Canada, and I am in my first year of university. I am studying to be a kindergarten teacher, but I still don't know if that is exactly what I want to do! I've recently discovered that I am quite good at helping people who are going through rough patches in their lives, as I am a very good listener, and I don't like to judge people based on their backgrounds! This has led to me questioning my entire career path and making me wonder whether I should be a therapist or something. But as of now I think I will stick with my current degree and hope that one day I will be clear as to what I want to do with the rest of my life. Scary stuff!

Besides having a passion for working with children or those in need of love and listening, I also have a huge passion for working with women coming out of trafficking. If you don't know what trafficking is, it is when people are basically sold, like objects, whether as slaves, or as sex objects. I am hoping to become involved with an organization that helps these women.

Now that you know some things about me, let's talk about this blog thing that I've decided is a good idea to have...who knows why.

As the blog name says, this is just going to be a website of me ranting things, or reviewing things, or whatever the heck is on my mind. I really have no idea yet. Maybe some time in the future it will have some structure but as of now it will be a giant word barf and you will all like it!

So yeah, enjoy my randomness, and I'll talk to you soon!

*le queen wave*
peace out girlscouts!

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