Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Dream Style


So I thought that you guys should get to know me a bit better, so today I'm going to talk about my style preferences.

Keep in mind, most of the clothes I'm going to show here I don't actually have, because I'm a university student and can't afford to go shopping. So this is basically my "dream wardrobe".

I was browsing through my style board on Pinterest and I discovered that I often pinned these main 6 things:

1. Lace Dresses

I LOVE lace dresses, and this showed clearly, as the majority of my 1000+ pins of clothes were these types of dresses. They're just so cute and dainty and I just love them!

2. High-waisted

High-waisted pants, shorts and skirts were very in-style back in the 60's and now they are making a comeback, and I am over the moon! Soooo cute!

3. Boyfriend Jeans

There's just something about looser jeans with cuffs that just makes me so happy. This is funny because I primarily have skinny jeans, but again, it's gonna happen when I get money!

4. Vintage Tops

Look at the collar! Enough said!

5. This Comfy Ensemble

Scarves and boots and comfy sweaters - perfect for fall!

6. High-heels with bows

I didn't even know I loved bows so much until I went through my board and noticed that almost every single shoe post had bows on them! So adorable and feminine!

Those are the main things I found on my Pinterest, BUT there is one more thing that wasn't on Pinterest that I am absolutely obsessed with, and that is...

7. Fandom Shirts

What can I say? I'm a fangirl.

Alright guys, that is my dream style!

xoxo Sophie

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